21 march numerology

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But as it is in a way quite a hard work for you to allow such relation to form, I suggest you go at it while you still young and learn the benefit of that kind of openness during that time as once you get older, the stubbornness just gets much harder to control. In the world where you put much attention to your improvements and start learning to improve your patience and tendencies of isolation if things do not go your way, you will find you are quite excellent in leadership roles.

Your lifestyle dictates solitude most likely, but once you figure out is all just your own preference you will find that you pair yourself well with someone who is kind of your equal in independence and preferably intelligence as well. You are the kind of person who gives your heart to one person and to that one person forever. You most certainly know how to take care of yourself, in a way you are very self-sufficient. But despite the ability to care for self you should take a bit of advice on diet habits, as far as it goes, you are a person of routine, which is great but you need to at least add some vitamins and minerals as additives if you do not like the taste of actual food rich with the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body.

You will also benefit from moderate exercise and socializing.

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If you work on your patience and socializing you have great potential in leadership positions in careers for example like military or police, given you are a very disciplined person. Business, business management or even law would be a great fit for you as well. But if you wanted to develop your artistic skills you would also do great in advertising or arts. In general you may find it more fitting to work alone, or in your own business as well.

You may look forward to gaining honour in whatever community you may belong to. You also may engage with the fields of industry, mining, development of land, transportation and even with the field of shipping. You are really fond of animals. You have a strong interest to the wild animals. You also like the outdoor games and sports. You will have a natural intuition about things and people which you should endeavour to be guided by in all your transactions. You may be an amusing host. You possess an un-exhausted source of mental energy and you also a person of great ambition. You may never take rest until you dont have achieved your purpose.

You should be especially careful in your selection of a partner in case of your marriage. You may not do anything hasty in this regard as the influences concerning this.

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You are favourable to your friends and to your relatives. You are liable to have many changes of place and you may be likely to travel a great deal. You may able to make an enormous number of friends but most of the friends are close to your respective field of your action but not to your heart. The persons who are born on the months of November and April may not be able to be your friend.

But the persons, who are born on the month of December and August, may be close to your heart. You may share your all thoughts and actions with those. You also gain few colleagues who may very supportive to you. But your boss may not be supportive at all. But you must be very selective when you may select your friends and office mates. You enemies may try to make harm to you from the aspect of physically and financially. So try to stay apart from them. You may suffer from some physical weakness due to excessive work pressure.

You have to continue your work for a large time and it would be a cause of your physical strain. Sometimes you may feel fatigued mentally. Sometimes you need a long rest from all kinds of your work. As long as you can able to continue a routine bound life you may able to maintain a good health.

http://derivid.route1.com/bullying-entre-dinosaurios-33.php You also need a proper rest with a long sound sleep in a day and you have to maintain a diet food chart throughout a day. This profess will produce a good health to you. There is a possibility that you may suffer from cardiac problem in the end part of your life. So be careful regarding your heart. If you want to make your fortune more favourable you must wear the dress of mauve. The violet colour is very lucky for the students. If you have any important interview you must wear the dress coloured by purple. All shades of violet is lucky for those persons related to business.

Crimson is favourable colour for the politicians. So if you have any important meetings, you may wear this coloured dress. Red is favourable for those person who are related to the self financed project.

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Rose colour is lucky for the lawyers. All these colours may make your fortune more vibrant and prosperous.

As you are an ambitious person and you want to make money a lot, you may somewhat able to gather a considerable amount of money in your life. You are very careful regarding your name and reputation and for this reason you may save some money from your earnings. The Empress exudes abundance, prosperity, she is naturally creative and at ease with herself.

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She sees beauty in everything, and reminds us to be still and experience this beauty in all that we do. The Empress will guide us during to follow our bliss, birth our creativity doing what turns you on , and engage with the world using all your senses.

Born October 21 – If Today Is Your Birthday

On a side note, each of the 13 Stars are 6 pointed — Merkabahs representing our Lightbody — we are awakening to our true natures! We are stepping off the treadmill of linear time, freeing ourselves to let our creative juices flow in resonance with Cosmic time. The scepter is a phallic Masculine symbol, whilst the sphere is a symbol of the Feminine.

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If I could add to the depiction of The Empress, I would place her left hand over her genitals signifying her comfort with her own defined sexuality and being at ease with her cliteracy — afterall the internal clitorus does take on a triangular formation — more power to the number 3!

The Empress sits outdoors on a red cushioned throne embellished with Venus symbols. So this card reminds us that in order for us to give birth to the greatest heights of our creativity during — we must rewild ourselves — we must let go of the constraints that feel like a noose around our necks — keeping us tied down, locked up, keeping us small.

The words by German philospher Nietszche highlight this so eloquently…. You need chaos in your Soul to give birth to a dancing Star.

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Those with a birthday on the 21st of March are best suited for low level management jobs. You like to be swept off your feet every once in a while. You may engage with industry or mining. Tuesday — This day ruled by Mars stands for courage, strength, rashness, and adventure. You prefer things to remain calm between you and those close to you and you do everything you can to ease any possible tensions.

Friedrich Nietszche. The key meaning of this card is to let go of control. Birth your dancing Star in , and together lets create a symphony of Stars in the Heavens here on Earth!

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And so is the power of the Feminine. The World card invites us into newly envisioned Cosmic Citizenship as we flourish in our unique creative freedom. She invites us to dance, sing, celebrate life during — for you literally have the world at your feet — endless opportunities at your disposal.

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Individuals born on March 21st are designed to reach the highest positions and once The numerology reading means that if you are born on the 21st, you are. If you are born on March 21st then Astrology or numerology can predicts many information about you as every year on March 21st Sun will be in same position.

All that revealing may bring up feelings of vulnerability, worry about what others may think of us, and the sensitive emotional nature of the number 3 may seem to spin out of control.