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If you've ever read your horoscope in a magazine, chances are it was written by Susan Miller. The astrologist for many major publications, in her app you can tap in to your daily and monthly horoscopes, and further your knowledge with in depth essays on certain astrological events. The Comprehensive Time Passages. A comprehensive all-round app for everything astrological, Time Passages gives you way more than just a daily horoscope. You can check in to the traits of each sign, see your own birth chart visuals, and cross reference them with your friends.

Use the transits feature to keep abreast of planetary movements and moon phases, so you can be one step ahead of the next Mercury retrograde. The simplest to use, this app gives you a short daily horoscope with just one tap. You can also read about the basic traits and compatibility for each zodiac sign, and see your Chinese horoscope for the coming year.

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Most Instagrammable Co-Star. Both highly technical and extremely aesthetic, the app is made for the Instagram age, with a mysterious quote foreshadowing your day appearing as a home screen notification each morning, practically begging to be reposted to your story. The app allows you to connect with friends, keep track of their charts and check your compatibility, and even private message, should you feel your stars align!

For Experienced Astrologers Time Nomad. If a daily horoscope in a newspaper leaves you feeling unfulfilled, then this is the app for you. Time Nomad gives real time movement of the placement of planets, moons and asteroids, allowing experienced astrologers to track them, and supplement the information to their daily charts.


If you don't know your rising from your moons, don't worry, the app gives you the option to set up weekly astrology lessons, so you'll be an expert in no time. Best for Love Astrolis Horoscopes and Tarot.

go site Beyond just a horoscope, this app also gives an in depth tarot reading for each day, which can give you insight into a particular situation or question in your life. Alongside your daily forecast, there's a love match compatibility, so you can see which sign you are most drawn to that day.

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Make yourself a cuppa and settle in for some juicy viewing. A big congratulations to all who recently sat the FAA Calculation Exam and smashed it out of the park!

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You can also read about the basic traits and compatibility for each zodiac sign, and see your Chinese horoscope for the coming year. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Audrey Marsh, 25, uses the Co-star app and follows a number of astrology meme pages on Instagram. But what happens in the southern hemisphere where the seasons are reversed? Take off on a journey to light up your soul. This is quite a fortuitous meeting, as it gives us the ability to make sense of the changes that have rocked our world, and the mouthpiece to express how we are feeling in response to that.

Well done! We are so proud of you all. I would like to open the New Year by paying homage to a wonderful Astrologer and dear friend Joanne Rixon who made her transition from the physical on December 22nd Many of you know of her talent as the author of the SkyVibe articles that she had been writing over the past couple of years, but few of you know her as a person, so I believe it only fitting to pay tribute to her as a truly wonderful human being.

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Finally – the most interesting Australia astrology chart of all – the one set for 27th May when Aboriginal Australians won a landslide. There are many charts for various stages in the development of Australia, as well as a thriving, sophisticated astrological community and a film industry whose .

Read More…. Every few months the internet, especially Twitter and Instagram, go into meltdown with memes predicting the impending doom caused by Mercury retrograde. But what is Mercury retrograde? Is it really cause to stay in your house, do nothing, speak to no one and throw your hair around in a huff as so glamourously illustrated above? Ingrid Anderson an astrologer from Sydney Astrology School explains.

Astrology is a pathway toward self-awareness and transformation and we would love to share its vision with you.

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