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In India, awareness for routine screening tests is very low, at the same time; doctors also treat the disease based on symptoms without advising for the screen test for suspected cancer type. Some of the common regular check-ups in women are Mammography for breast cancer, Pap test for cervical cancer, the genetic test for mutated genes if there is a family history of breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.

In men, PSA testing for prostate and advanced tests for lung cancer, skin cancer, colorectal cancer etc.

CANCER Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

Unfortunately, in India, low awareness of cancer signs and symptoms often becomes the reason of delay in diagnosis. Read Post a comment.

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The degree to which they understand that their needs are responsible for their happiness or unhappiness, and not the external fulfilling of those needs, determines their level of happiness and contentment. The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Capricorn; they must learn that even though they have within them the ability to fulfill all their needs, that this leads to a corresponding external fulfillment of the needs as well, and that those activities are an important part of their development.

Along with this they must also learn that if their needs are being threatened by external factors, that they still have some work to do with maintaining their own capacity to fulfill their needs.

All About Cancer Rising & Cancer Ascendant In Astrology

This generally gives partnerships with those that are more capable of fulfilling their needs through external factors, or partners that force the native to develop their ability to fulfill their needs externally. This may have been done through spiritual and transcendental practices, or it may have been done through other, less healthy, activities, escapism, or even imprisonment. Planets influencing Ketu as well as the placement of Ketu's lord will indicate this. In any case, there has been a focus on attempting to become free from worldly karmas, either by somehow, ignorantly, not doing work, or through spiritual practices.

Rahu in the 6th indicates the need to perform the works necessary to be free from all works. The native must perform the activities necessary to improve and manage their material affairs. These activities are necessary to give the completion that Ketu desires.

It is important that the native works in a spirit of karma yoga, that human right is for activity, not the results of their activities, else the native suffers from further binding attachments, which hinder the realization of Ketu's goals of completion, resolution and transcendence. Through experimentation, study, and thought the native has managed to create a paradigm that allows for life to take place in a safe and secure manner.

In this lifetime, Ketu causes the native to experience doubts about what exactly they know. When confronted by information that is contrary to what they believe they know, there is initial resistance, as new information is threatening to their security paradigm. After some time to think, however, they experience doubts about their knowledge, or understanding, that creates an identity crisis over what they know.

They eventual result of this is a deepening of their knowledge, but also the understanding that they have learned so much that all they know for sure is that they do not know anything. Rahu in Sagittarius indicates that the native must define a belief system or philosophy that takes care of those areas that they are unable to understand, or create rationality for.

The doubting of their information, through Ketu, forces them to develop faith, and intuition through Rahu. The doubting of their information indicated by Ketu in Gemini also forces them to accept the information given by others, or teachers, indicated by Rahu in Sagittarius. However, as long as they doubt their own information, there will be a corresponding doubt of others' information as well.

The key is do develop the faith and understanding that allows them to believe that, though, they will never know everything, they will know what they need to fulfill their role at a given moment. Ketu in Gemini generally suffers from indecisiveness. This is a result of Ketu waiting for that last bit of information to close the case, but the last bit never comes, there is always room for doubt, in fact it is the nature of the intellectual mind to doubt.

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In the end they must learn to act on faith, the need for which is indicated by Rahu in Sagittarius. When Ketu influences the Moon, the mentality is not so superficial as to be able to simply enjoy the pleasures of the world. The mind is always looking deeper, beneath the surface, and thus there is always a nagging discontent and questioning.

This creates an introverted mindset, which in a spiritual nativity is conducive to spiritual practices. In other nativities, this may cause introversions and frustrations that may have violent or explosive eruptions. Generally it is found that natives with Ketu influencing the Moon have an interest in psychology.

Karka (Cancer) Lagna Characteristic

Another noticeable trait of Ketu's influence to the Moon is to make the native very emotionally controlled and rigid. Change in attitude from negative to positive will be seen, emotionally native will become stronger and will certainly develop tendency of forgiveness within self. Especially students will be having strong focus and they will better in their extracurricular activities.

As per Cancer ascendant horoscope, Cancer ascendant people searching for love or companion may have good news this year, as those love interest can also be converted into permanent bond of marriage as well. Also friends and colleagues can become source of happiness for the native. Reunion with friends after long can happen this year. This year friendships will be changed and there can be new partnership or friendship happening which will be sudden and unexpected as well. From health point of view this year cannot be called so favorable as the transit of Saturn can give sickness to the native as that will mostly related to stomach, intestine and bones.

If the native is already suffering from any disease then it can become more troublesome and in worst surgical intervention for the treatment of the disease can happen.

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Sincere prayer to lord Shiva, Lord Shani to be done this year.